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Total Wellness Center offers chiropractic services for people in all stages of life. If you are looking for a pediatric or pregnancy chiropractor, we can provide those services to your family. If you are in need of back pain or neck pain relief our chiropractic care can help you recover from the cause and find relief that is lasting. Come into our clinic to find out how chiropractic care can make a difference in your life. We serve Aurora and the surrounding areas. 

Services Provided at Total Wellness Center 

Chiropractic Care Using the Activator Technique and More: We gently correct joint and vertebra alignment issues with specialized chiropractic techniques. These techniques and a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of the area can bring healing and pain relief without pills or invasive surgeries.  

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care: Our pregnancy chiropractor is educated specifically in treating the symptoms a pregnant patient may experience safely and effectively. From low back pain to neck pain, and even nausea and fatigue, chiropractic care during pregnancy can be a safe way to manage pain and other issues. 

Pediatric Chiropractic Care: Gentle and professional chiropractic care by a trained pediatric chiropractor can help your child live a comfortable, pain-free life. Pediatric chiropractic care will make sure your child has good posture, a correct gait, and will reduce growing pains.  We also offer spinal and postural screenings for patients of all ages. 

Recovery From Injuries: From sports injuries to auto accident injuries, we can help you with your rehabilitation needs. If you have dislocated joints, whiplash, a concussion, chronic pain from an older injury, or acute pain from a new injury, we can help by assessing your status and offer you a treatment plan that will help with pain, help rebuild your injured area, and in some cases even strengthen and improve the area that we help rehabilitate. You do not need to live with high back pain, neck pain, or intense pain in any other part of your body after an injury. 

Wellness and Lifestyle Advice: If you have a specific health goal in mind, or if you want to improve your health by losing weight, we offer lifestyle coaching to help you achieve all of your goals. We also offer nutritional counseling with recommendations for nutritional supplements for your body and the best food choices based on your own body. 

Contact Us to Schedule Your Next Chiropractic Appointment 

If you are in search of a chiropractor in the Aurora area, or if you have been not feeling like yourself and want some support getting back to health, contact us at Total Wellness Center. Our number is (303) 627-7995.

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  • "My first time coming to a chiropractor and I love it! I have never felt better. If you need some an adjustment, come see Dr. Holly!"
    Donna M. Aurora, CO

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