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Total Wellness Center, your auto accident chiropractor in Aurora CO offers comprehensive and effective treatment for the most common injuries obtained in car accidents. If you have recently been involved in a car accident, it is important that you seek medical attention right away, even if you feel fine. The effects of many injuries do not always appear right away, and if you wait to receive a check-up it can complicate the insurance claim filing process. We recommend that anyone who has been involved in an accident seek care right away, even if they feel fine.

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Auto Accident Injuries and Pain Don't Always Show Up Right Away

Whiplash is just one common injury that can take a few days to show up. Lumbar back pain can also develop over a few-day period. Many people who are involved in accidents wake up a few days after and have their backs seize up or freeze on them. We do not want this to happen to you! Additionally, if you are injured and continue with your regular routine, it is possible to worsen the original injury worse or cause further damage. 

Neck and lower back injuries are the most common issues that our patients face following an auto injury. Unfortunately, these types of injuries can be difficult to heal and you may experience re-injury if the area of the body has not completely healed or is weaker due to the accident. We will work with you to strengthen the muscles in the affected areas which can help to decrease the chance of re-injury.

Chiropractic Care is an Effective Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

Many of our patients first come to Total Wellness Center due to injuries that they receive in auto accidents. Oftentimes, these injuries can cause lingering pain, or create a cycle of discomfort that keeps returning after they think the injuries have healed. We offer comprehensive care that addresses your injuries and decreases the likelihood that they will return. In addition to the chiropractic adjustments and spinal care, we can also work with you to establish a stretching and exercise regimen that you can do at home to help with your recovery. We have the necessary tools to help you feel great again!

Have You Been in an Auto Accident? Total Wellness Center is Here to Help Get You Feeling Great Again!

Injuries that are sustained in auto accidents can be difficult to recover from 100%. If you are experiencing lingering or returning pain and discomfort, please call us today at (303) 627-7995 to schedule an appointment. Total Wellness Center is conveniently located at 4024 South Parker Road in Aurora.

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